Hello teaching world


reading quoteIn beautiful, sunny Queensland, teachers  have just commenced Easter break – two long weeks of holidays which are thoroughly deserved (the term may only have been nine weeks in length (ten if you count the pupil free days) but from day one, we hit the ground running.

This is my second attempt to begin a blog – I tried over the Christmas holidays and the technology defeated me. I am determined to beat it this time.

Teaching is my passion and working with students and teachers is what I love doing. I first began teaching in 1986 and can proudly say I have taught all classes from year 1 to year 7 (I also had a few short contracts in the pre-school arena). Ironically, I began my Masters in Children’s Literature but although I enjoy the many young adolescent books I had to read, I didn’t see the link to being a primary educator.

I completed my Masters in Special Education and worked as a Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy. I began working with teachers when I entered the role of Senior Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy and for the past five years I have worked as a Principal Education Advisor – Australian Curriculum.

I still find it hard to believe that this is now my major role in education. Not only was I a very nervous public speaker initially , but I have always regarded myself as a classroom teacher first and foremost. As much as possible, I stay grounded by working alongside teachers and curriculum leaders in school and classroom settings.


I am an avid reader and in my role as an advisor, this is a handy interest to have. Although I prefer fictional texts (fantasy and modern crime being my top picks), I also read extensively in education. This includes latest research, topical books on education and interesting articles shared through social media.

This blog will be my platform to share what I read. My current work is around the teaching of reading, so this holidays, I will be sifting through a few texts on this subject. I am looking forward to sharing some of this work with you with my target being 30 posts in 30 days.